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By Orgonami Staff

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Welcome, friendly reader! This is our first missive as a new Chicago start-up — and what better place to plant our stake in the ground than the City of the Big Shoulders. Whether spurred on by its can-do culture, or reinforced by its history of the Great Fire and subsequent rebirth, Chicago is buzzing with entrepreneurial energy. We are excited to add to this spirit not just through our own creation, but through our actual, enduring mission to help people start their own philanthropic organizations. We are a start-up that helps create start-ups, which sort of makes us the egg in the whole chicken-and-egg quandary.

What We Do

As mentioned above, we are a different sort of start-up — our product is you; our service is your mission. We exist to transform your big idea into a fully-functioning organization, to give shape to your dreams of social beneficence. With our help, you can turn your abstract passion to do good into a concrete non-profit that is fully equipped to operate efficiently and make a real impact on the world.

And inspired by our hatred of one-size-fits-all stretchy pants, we created a variety of plans that fit the needs of different people. If all you have is an idea, we have a built-in plan utilizing our own crowd-funding platform, — , that can get you up and running. If you have some resources, then our consultancy and thorough set-up services can get your idea fast-tracked on the path to creation. And even if you already have a non-profit established, we can help you optimize every aspect of its operation.

Where We Came From

Continuing the chicken-and-egg theme, Orgonami is itself the product of two successful start-ups — Chicago Style SEO and Ventricle Development — partnering in an effort to aid further social change. As co-founders of Chicago Style SEO, Rod Holmes and Ben Robinson have been helping businesses navigate every corner of the Internet marketing landscape. Similarly, Chris McLaughlin and Marcus Duncan founded Ventricle Development, building years of experience in business strategy and software development.

With years of combined experience helping for-profit companies grow and improve their bottom line, Ben, Rod, Chris, and Marcus decided to find a way to apply their skills to help non-profit companies. Orgonami was then hatched from this shared desire to put the power of Internet marketing and software development in philanthropic hands. After all, as Spider-Man said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Where We’re Going

We’re for the spirit of good work and good people. We’re for the energy of collaboration and collective improvement. We’re excited to be at the ground level of countless efforts to better the world, limited only by the imagination of charitable people. While we currently offer a variety of start-up plans and a range of customizable service packages, this role in shaping the creation of non-profits can always shift, as we look forward to the roads our new venture will take us down.

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