nonprofit labs

Start-Up Program

All of the essential tools and products of the Basic Program, optimized to fit the Start-Up Program and its additional services. The Start-Up Program is our turn-key solution for creating your non-profit. With so much for you to worry about, handling every laborious detail of the start-process can diminish your other efforts, and lessen the chance of a professional, flawless set-up. We have extensive experience with business creation and can lighten your load by taking care of every aspect of the start-up process, whether that includes filing for certifications or obtaining legal status. Some common examples of what this program will include are noted below, with other services included as the need arises.

Articles of Incorporation

We take care of all the red tape, filing for your articles of incorporation with the state, fulfilling all necessary requirements and establishing your non-profit organization such that it is legally recognized by the law.

Grant Applications

Grants are vital for any non-profit organization, allowing a lot of important work to be pursued that would otherwise have to be neglected. We research, discover, and apply to any and all relevant grants that would benefit your organization.

Non-profit Status

These days, there are many ways that you can define your organization. Depending on how you want to function and how you want to file your tax status, we can set up your non-profit as a 501c3, a B Corp, 501c4-6, or other type of non-profit. And if you aren’t sure, we can talk with you about each possibility so that you are sure to choose the best option.