nonprofit labs

Promotions Add-On

If you would like us to take on the heavy lifting and assume more control optimizing and managing your content, our Promotion Add-on plan offers training, consulting, and management services that can get your big idea trending in the market you want.

Social Media with Training

Your social media presence is a powerful tool that can be made even more effective with the right optimization. We can help implement the best methods for bringing your organization’s social pages to the front of search engines, linking content from your website, and managing your profile with your followers in mind. With the right training and management of these channels, your organization can continually engage your target audience and share the ongoing story behind your work, all while expanding the scope and magnitude of your mission.

SEO/Blog Training

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your organization is to make its online presence significant to the people and search engines looking for related content. Through natural support methods, without the gimmicks or tricks, we can elevate your organization’s authority on the internet, making it a trusted resource in its field. Our search engine optimization (SEO) and blog training can show you how to identify the keywords and web content that will raise your online profile, and how to write compelling content for the dual audience of man and machine alike.

Strategic Marketing

The right tools only work if you know how to use them, and just like any business, your non-profit benefits from reaching the right people in the right places. We can help you develop a comprehensive and sound marketing strategy for expanding your reach and increasing your impact. Our arsenal of internet marketing applications is strengthened by our strategic marketing consulting, as we consider the big picture in assisting your organization understand its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within the online realm.

Content Calendar Development

With your chosen online tools at your disposal, we can help you pursue the best original content suited to those tools. We will sit and listen to your ideas about what kind of content you would like to create, and then by combining our own expertise with additional market research, we will create a blueprint for the best way to promote your organization’s content, whether using video, blogs, social media, or other modes.