nonprofit labs

E-Commerce Add-On

With the E-Commerce Add-On, you can get a boost of financial flexibility and independence. All of the essential tools and products of the Basic Program are optimized to fit your e-commerce needs. This option will help you generate the financial support required to accomplish your organization’s mission.

Donation Platform

Our payment processing application offers a convenient and popular off-site method of payment that can be utilized in a variety of ways. For an additional boost of payment functionality, we can set up a donation platform directly on your webpage that remains onsite  and then synchronizes all submitted information with the various databases operating within your organization.


If you’d like to sell shirts, coffee mugs, totes or anything else promoting your cause, we can add a storefront to your webpage that allows for onsite integration of merchandising and gift items related to your organization. Receive the dual benefit of increased revenue and street-level promotion with an easy way for your supporters to express their enthusiasm for your work.

Integrated Event Ticket Sales

If you’d like to have the independent ability to manage your events through your webpage, we can provide a system for your site that allows onsite promotion and purchase, eliminating the middle man and saving you money in fees and service costs.