nonprofit labs

Crowdfunding Add-On

If you have a big idea to affect lasting and meaningful social change, you shouldn’t have to let something like financing stand in the way of your goals. With our crowdfunding tool, you can launch your campaign to create your non-profit organization by tapping into the energy and resources of the broader community.

Campaign Platform

Set up your campaign through our website, utilizing a a range of tools. Educate the public about your initiative and get them excited to back your mission with details about your plans. You can declare a fundraising goal, set a deadline, and include incentives for certain donation amounts, all while keeping tabs on your campaign with an easy-to-follow tracker that includes a visual bar representation of your progress. Consult the list of crowdfunding resources, which can serve as a guide for maximizing your potential for exposure. As the home base for your operation, the site can also host a constructive discussion between you and your potential backers, exchanging insights and tips along the way.

Social Media Channels

Leverage your existing connections and encourage your campaign to go viral through your social media channels. Promote your big idea on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, among many others, targeting your potential viewers using channel-optimized methods. Increase the odds of your campaign reaching an exponentially large audience by highlighting the easy share buttons on your campaign page, allowing the energetic philanthropy of some to inspire similar charity in many, many others.

Fundraising Network

Once you reach your goal and have the ability to create your non-profit, you can be reassured that you are starting an organization that already has a fundraising network established. With so much of the non-profit world depending on the generosity and evangelism of its supporters, having a reliable base of donors in hand at the moment of inception is a big advantage in the success of your fledgling organization.