nonprofit labs

Basic Program

You have a big idea for an even bigger cause. Don’t let your spirit get bogged down by the details. We can handle every aspect of your new organization’s digital life – from web hosting to marketing to e-commerce – so that you can stay focused on the big picture.



Your organization needs an online home that is both exiting and easy to use. We employ a sophisticated web hosting service to build and launch your website and manage your online presence. WordPress is a unique web hosting product that enables powerful control of your site without all the hoop jumping. Because it’s an Open Source program, its features are free to use. Through WordPress, we can customize your web presence to be almost anything, allowing your organization to be inspired, rather than intimidated, to join the internet landscape.


We have an amazing array of themes to choose from to make your website a visually stunning and easily navigable destination. By integrating the program through WordPress, we can also integrate a vast catalog of functional plugins to operate seamlessly on your page. Your imagination is the limit in how you want your non-profit to be displayed to the world.

Payment Processing

Provide your supporters with an easy way to give back. Our payment processing tool is a secure online system of payment that can direct donations to your organization. By leading supporters to a secure payment site, you can deliver donations securely without sharing sensitive information. Our payment processing tool is the one service your organization needs for payment functionality on your website.

Google Analytics

The traffic to and from your website carries a wealth of information, and we have the tools and the know-how to interpret and manage the data. Using Google’s sophisticated stable of analytics applications, we can create real time reporting of web traffic, custom reports with custom variables, and segmented analysis, all with the aim of intelligently optimizing content for the best results possible. With reliable, measurable information, you can take action and shape the direction of your organization with confidence.

Share Buttons

Harness the viral power of social media and allow your supporters to share your mission with the world. With a smart and selective installation of share buttons, we can instantly connect your most valuable content to an exponentially larger audience, opening the door to a practically automated form of promotion.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It’s difficult to keep track of people, emails, projects, and deadlines. Many CRM programs are overwhelming and can confuse more than clarify. We offer several different CRM programs to choose from, and each one is a streamlined system that’s only as robust as you need it to be, allowing your non-profit to stay organized, in-touch, and on-task.

Google Apps (Google for Non-Profits)

To function on a day-to-day basis, you will need the best services for communication, planning, and information management. We can set-up your critical needs around Google’s industry-leading suite of services. Structure your organization’s email system around the dynamic capabilities of Gmail. Sync the schedule of your organization with those of your volunteers, employees, and anyone else with the flexibility of Google’s Calendar. Create, save, and share your files through the cloud computing system of Google Drive, allowing for increased collaboration and access to information. Most importantly, integrate all of these features of your organization between each system, leaving more time for the important work of your non-profit’s mission.These services are available to business for $60 per user, per year. However, if you certify as a non-profit, these services can be also be offered for a reduced cost or no cost all all through Google for Non-profits.

Gravity Forms

We can provide a highly optimized system for receiving and sorting information of all kinds. Gravity Forms is a plugin that can be used to create forms on your website. Information that comes in through this channel will then be organized and listed in every organizational system that requires it – your email list, CRM, project page, etc. New members, volunteers, and donations can be disseminated across all of your important databases at once, with no need to cross reference or hunt for that missing thread.


Google Grants

Through Google Grants, we can help you unleash the power of Google Adwords for free. Certify as a non-profit and apply to Google for thousands of dollars in monthly Adwords spend money. Raise awareness and track online activity of your organization by bidding on keywords, creating ads, and reach those people that are already passionate and searching for your cause.

Email Management

As your organization grows, you’ll need a systemized way to reach the people that support it. Mail chimp provides a way to manage your email campaigns in a targeted and sensible way. Create templates, automated responses, and campaign schedules, ensuring that your organization is reaching the people that matter with the information they need to make a difference.

Events and Fundraiser System

It’s likely your organization won’t sit still in a small office – it will probably get out there and ignite the philanthropic spirit of people far and wide. To manage your fundraisers and events, we can set up your organization with an event management system that can conveniently send invitations, sell tickets, track attendance, and more. With promotion and management taken care of, you can spend more time on the actual details of the your organization’s event.