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OUR SERVICES Everything we do revolves around helping you accomplish all of your non-profit’s goals. From the initial start-up to the fine-tuned, advanced details, we have a way to make the daunting task of running your organization much more manageable.By smoothing out the operational wrinkles, we can allow the sheer force of your passion to carry your organization forward, making way for you to focus on the actual mission that motivates you and your supporters.

Check out our various plans to see which ones suit your needs best.


This central program has everything you need to put your non-profit in a position to succeed. Covering the full range of services, the core program can outfit your organization with everything that’s required to establish a strong web presence, a daily operations system, and a marketing strategy.

With this program, many of the unforeseen details and hiccups of managing a successful non-profit – one with minimal overhead costs, clear direction, and a true impact on its cause – can be intercepted before they even occur.

Some of the products included in the program are:

  • WordPress
  • Payment processing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Google Apps and Analytics
  • Gravity Forms
  • Mail Chimp


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Acquire more commercial independence and flexibility with our e-commerce plan. We can provide the tools you need to have more direct, financial contact with your supporters, while gaining the ability to manage your mission and your brand more effectively.

Some examples of how to enhance your e-commerce:

  • An independent donation platform can help you customize the management of your funds and the information that comes with it.
  • An onsite storefront can allow you to promote your cause through related non-profit merchandise.
  • An integrated system for ticket sales can provide more control over how to promote and track tickets for your event.

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Spread the word about your non-profit and get more passionate people behind you. Your mission will likely be as successful as the involvement of your supporters. We can provide tools, training, and consultation services to help you market your new project efficiently and persuasively.

Some examples of our plan include:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Training and management of social media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blog training


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Breathe life into your early idea with our structured, sensible start-up plan. With our guidance, you’ll just need a simple pitch before you’ll have everything necessary to get your non-profit up and running. We lead you through all the necessary steps, taking care of the incomprehensible paperwork, to turn your idea into reality.

Some examples of what we can take care of:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Grant applications
  • Non-profit status

By overcoming the stubborn, early inertia of getting your project out there, you increase the odds of success by leaving behind the paralysis that so often comes with theoretical planning.

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