nonprofit labs

How It Works

What are you starting with?

Nothing! Just a great idea

Even without funding, we can turn your dream into a fully-functioning non-profit that has all the essential tools to benefit your cause.

First, we simply assess what you need, consulting with you to fully understand the scope of your idea, including goals, available resources, and strategy.

We then help you raise money through our crowdsourcing platform. Much like Kickstarter, our crowdsourcing platform can solicit donations while simultaneously creating buzz and establishing a network of evangelists behind your idea. This money will go to you as a grant to pay for the services you need to get your organization off the ground, outfitted with an operating platform and a fundraising machine that’s already in place.

A great idea and some funds

Want to see your idea come alive now, but don’t know where to start? We can guide you through the start-up hassle, avoiding potential headaches along the way, all so that you can create your budding non-profit organization quickly and intelligently.

We are well-versed in the entrepreneurial world, and will set-up your organization so that it suits the nature of your specific mission. We handle your incorporation, file for your non-profit tax status — whether you want to create a 501c3, a B Corp, or any other type of non-profit — and establish the infrastructure for operating your business. This includes email clients, servers, data management, payment systems, and other essential pieces of a sophisticated, well-oiled organization.

An established organization

If your organization has a lot of odds and ends to maintain, then chances are they are costing you more money, time, and productivity than you’d like. Our goal is to help you make everything work together seamlessly and cheaply, allowing you to spend more of your energy on the mission at hand.

If you’re having trouble with anything like communications, donation systems, marketing, information integration, internet presence, or some other aspect of your organization, we provide the tools and the training to bring it all easily and efficiently under your control.

We consult with you to learn everything about your organization so we can see what tools are critical for achieving your goals. Our team works closely with you to identify the best approach and provides the necessary support so that you can benefit from a streamlined organization for years to come.